An instantly recognizable name for anyone who enjoys the outdoors in Canada is Mountain Equipment Co-op. E|G is proud to be a part of this organization’s expansion to their new flagship stores in Vancouver, Kelowna and Edmonton.

Together with Proscenium Architecture + Interiors, E|G is advancing MEC’s sustainability goals, using innovative technology to minimize the buildings’ environmental footprint while providing a healthy work environment for its employees.

The landscape design of MEC’s flagship Vancouver store will not only be inspired by the great outdoors but also the history and ecology of False Creek. A temperate rainforest and wetland environment will front the building and welcome guests. The design gives homage to the many rivers that once fed False Creek and the salmon that spawned here. The ruggedness of BC’s Coast Mountains is the primary inspiration for the roof deck and will immerse visitors with water, wood, boulders, granite and a rich variety of regional vegetation. More man-made elements, like steel and concrete, will recall the industrial factories that once dominated this area.

The new landscape of Mountain Equipment Co-op at False Creek Flats will celebrate the use of the now developed land while paying homage to a rich history of human engagement on and around the site.

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