As landscape architects, we work on a range of scales from neighbourhood master plans to urban plazas to residential projects, and everything else in between. From a “design process” perspective, single-family residences are particularly rewarding because of the intimate connection the client has with the site. The homeowner may have recently moved to a new home or are making renovations to a well-loved place filled with meaning and memories. Whatever the circumstance, the impact of the designer’s skills, ideas and decisions will have a lasting and enduring effect on the Client, in ways that exceed that of any commercial or public project.

It is also an immensely interesting process to work with a single Client through the process. E|G takes the homeowners through a very inclusive process, starting with initial ideas and possibilities, followed by concept sketches, 3D modeling and perspectives.  Once the Client is comfortable and enthusiastic with the design direction, we enter design development and eventually into construction drawings.  Regardless of phase, our inspiration is the Client’s “story” – their hobbies and passions, their travels, their lifestyle, their family and friends. The materials, colours, forms, and textures that make up the details are a tangible reflection of this

Engaging with the client throughout the process, E|G eventually focuses on project management, constructability, scheduling and budget.  This is probably the most challenging, and most rewarding, aspect of these projects: to oversee execution of the design, to coordinate with various contractors and other consultants, and to ensure all of this functions on time and on budget.  As such, we always strive for a very upbeat, positive and inclusive process of collaboration and resolution.  This is why we’ve establishing a pretty close network of like-minded and creative consultants and contractors – from metalworkers, to industrial designers, to concrete and woodworking specialists, to boutique nurseries and stone suppliers, to lighting designers etc. – that share the same passion we do in creating unique and engaging spaces.

The Cameron, Dorrington, Vachon and Osler St. residences are recent examples of E|G’s inclusive design and implementation process, resulting in a series of engaging outdoor spaces, with high-end details, materials, form and texture unique to the project which the homeowners and their families and friends will enjoy for years to come.