Working closely with IBI Architects and Onni Group, Enns | Gauthier will be shaping the future of healthy community living at the Pearson Dogwood lands. Located at Cambie and West 57th, the high-density, multi-tower development envisions a complete community with a mix of land uses, people and activities, with a special emphasis on health care and urban agriculture.  Enns | Gauthier is proud to be part of this pioneering project of creating a community that embodies health and well-being, advances the city’s food security goals, and showcases the best of rainwater management.

Healing is taken out of a clinical setting and turned inside out. Through urban design and site planning, we will help create neighbourhoods, streets, pathways and outdoor spaces that encourage people to go outside and walk, cycle, recreate and use active transportation. The project will weave active living into people’s daily lives where they work, live and play.

E|G also hopes to better connect people to nature. There will be a strong emphasis on urban agriculture in the project which will include orchards, community garden plots, native and edible landscaping throughout, and most importantly, a sizable Urban Farm at the heart of the site that will give people an opportunity to see the growing, cultivation, and processing of food within an urban setting.  We also envision opportunities for social engagement and education within The Farm that expands its programme and use for all times of the year.

We also envision this community as a new social heart along the busy Cambie Corridor, and will explore all opportunities for social connections and interaction. Whether it is through enjoying the vibrant programming in a large plaza, strolling along a bustling promenade, or people watching on a cafe patio, the outdoor spaces will become an integral part of the experience at Pearson Dogwood.  This will be accomplished by taking a human-scaled approach to design, ensuring that streets and pathways are accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

An integrated, site-wide stormwater management strategy will utilize the natural features on site, such as topography and existing trees, to inform site design and identify opportunities to increase surface permeability and absorption of rainwater.  The Design Team will work with City Staff on cross-parcel and private to public rain water infiltration initiatives, as well as on-the-ground techniques such as rain gardens, seasonal retention ponds, permeable pavers and sub-surface storage fields. As much as possible, water will be will be harvested and reused on site for plants, trees, urban agriculture and interpretive features.

In summary, E|G is proud to be at the forefront of community building urban sustainability in one of the most innovative and liveable cities in the world.

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