Client: Mount Pleasant Family Centre | Location: Vancouver, Canada | Budget: $65,000 (est.) | Completed: 2016

Mount Pleasant Family Centre

The renovation of the Canada Biennale Pavilion commits to conserving the heritage elements of the building and adjoining outdoor space. As a space that acts as a cultural ambassador showcasing innovative Canadian art, the structure and outdoor elements of the pavilion are as important as the artistic creations it houses.

Enns | Gauthier and Order of Canada recipient Cornelia Hahn Oberlander created a design that improves the grounds immediately surrounding the Canada Pavilion through the concept of wilding and reinforcing humanity’s connection to nature. Canadian geography and ecology is proposed in a landscape of grass meadows, berms and stone, conjured through a strong and simple use of materials that requires a minimal amount of maintenance and grows in difficult conditions. The low profile of the planting allows for unobstructed views through the sculpture garden to the canal, sea wall, and public waterfront, creating a greater connection between these spaces.

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