Client: Onni Group | Location: Los Angeles, CA | Landscape Budget: ~$2.0M | Completed 2020

Hope + Flower

For the last few years, Enns Gauthier Landscape Architects have turned our design eye to our neighbours to the south, working with Onni Group on numerous large-scale, mixed used urban design projects in California, including Los Angeles, San Fransisco’s Bay Area, and San Diego.  Along the way, we’ve learned plenty on the urban history of these city’s, the current development trends, as well as a first-hand knowledge of the unique permitting process that are quite different from B.C.’s municipalities.  The water usage restrictions alone, and how they impact our designs, have taught us new ways to create low-water use spaces that focus on water retention and recycling onsite.

Our first finished project, recently completed in Summer 2020, is Hope and Flower, located in downtown LA a block away from the Staples Center. This project involved a new perimeter streetscape and vehicular court, building lobbies and retail frontage, a refurbished office building, two residential towers, a large podium amenity deck, and various penthouse patios and exclusive “sky decks” overlooking the city.

On the ground level, the character and materials along the boulevards and building frontages reflect the adjacent street use and building type. A wide vegetation strip with foundation shrubs and trees line Flower St., providing a physical and visual buffer to the adjacent light rail transit line. The retail frontage paving for Flower, 12th and Hope St. reflects the simple and repetitive pattern of the building columns, accented banding and augmented with evenly spaced seating. At the two public nodes along Flower St, as well as the Lobby entry for Tower 2, a feature paving pattern provides colour and texture, with inset lighting and feature planters.

Hovering above the ground level, the podium amenity deck serves the two new residential towers and is programmed to reflect adjacent building uses of each by offering a range of social gathering spaces. The west portion houses the pool and hot tub areas, with plenty of seating types around the pool that provide social spaces for both large groups and more private mingling. Narrow in-ground planters soften the hard edges, and trees offer a reprieve from the sun if desired. Moving eastward into the centre is the social heart of the podium, with a common area with multiple bbq’s, lounge couches and a large banquet table for events and feasts. North of this is a secluded area with oversized couches and fire pits, to create a warm an intimate space. Adjacent to the meeting rooms in Tower 2, a series of social / work spaces is provided with u-shaped couches, shade trees and privacy planters. Throughout the amenity deck, planters and paving vary in height and materials to create the sense of distinct outdoor rooms and uses.

High above this, the exclusive amenity decks, or “Sky Lounges”, are designed to maximize comfort while offering a flexible range of activities and uses. Each maximize sun exposure and the amazing views to the south and west, with planter heights and paving materials creating distinct ‘outdoor rooms’. Programming around the raised pool and hot tub deck includes sunbathing, massage chairs, covered bbq and eating areas, and lounge areas. On the lower deck, adjacent to the multi-functional interior rooms, tenants will enjoy another covered bbq and food preparation area with banquet tables, augmented with a fire pit area with oversized couches for pre- and post-dinner drinks.

Overall, E|G worked closely with the Design Team, Onni Group, the City of L.A., and the many contractors to refine the landscape design and materiality throughout the process.  We also utilized 3-D modelling and video animation as a design tool to communicate our ideas to the Client and Consultant team, from schematic design all the way through to permitting.  We feel this tool enables our Clients to gain realistic experiences of the project’s outdoor spaces before they are built – ensuring the finished product meets (or exceeds) expectations.

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