Client: Village of Wei Ge Zhuang | Location: Beijing, PRC | Completed: 2016

Qing Long Hu District Master Plan

Enns | Gauthier was the International Competition Winner to envision a new masterplan strategy for a large, rural park in Wei Ge Zhuang. The proposal honours local assets and values, considers infrastructure investments, and boosts the local economy, all with an emphasis on positive environmental impacts.

Outside of the historic and bustling capital city of Beijing, the new Qing Long Hu district is the product of new efforts by local government representatives to develop using a thoughtfully measured approach that incorporates local assets, contributes positively to air quality and improves access to nature.

The District, while filled with unique agricultural, historic and natural uses, lacked cohesion and identity.

The new master plan embraces organic agriculture, provides a range of dynamic outdoor experiences, and reinforces an appreciation for local traditions and artisanal crafts. From the landscape elements to the design of buildings, the result is a range of programmes and attractions that is authentic and sustainable. Through extensive research and asset analysis, the history, culture and geography of the region is consistently expressed in different interventions.

The master plan stitches various elements together with a comprehensive open space network of recreation areas, parks, commercial zones, cultural exhibits, paths and agrotourism destintations. These elements were carefully chosen and located to weave the various uses and settlement patterns together in a manner that creates an over-arching brand built around agro-tourism, recreation and cultural interpretation such that an area that currently offers little in the way of tourism could on day be transformed into a legitimate tourist destination.

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