Client: Simon Fraser University | Location: Burnaby, BC | Budget: $600,000 (est.) | Completed: Ongoing

Simon Fraser University - 50th Anniversary Landscape Enhancements

2015 marked the 50th anniversary of Simon Fraser University and an extensive Landscape Enhancement Plan was undertaken for the main Burnaby campus comprising over 50 landscape improvement projects. Institutional spaces, gathering areas, as well as new residential zones, and natural habitats are all thoughtfully designed to create unique and inviting spaces with an overarching unified concept that improves the overall function and aesthetics of the campus. E|G worked with the University’s Department of Facilities Planning to identify and implement a design plan that focused on achieving cost savings through work efficiencies and volume pricing. E|G then assisted the campus to develop long-term tree and plant purchasing plans in order to ensure the best quality plant material at a significant savings. E|G also collaborated with a range of sub consultants, including lighting designers, structural engineers, and industrial designers to implement the various projects.

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