Client: Simon Fraser University | Location: Burnaby, BC | Budget: $60,000 | Completed: 2017

Simon Fraser University - South Science Building

Because SFU’s location at the top of Burnaby Mountain is fairly remote, the campus is putting increased effort into providing more places for students to recreate and socialize both inside and outside the buildings.

The South Science Building, built in the mid 1990s, illustrates the problem. Built without a true sense of entry, students approach the space randomly from a series of inconspicuous entry points.

To alleviate this problem Bryce and EG staff analyzed the site in order to determine the points where the greatest number of people were accessing the building. Two entries were identified and these areas were then transformed into small pocket plazas, complete with seating, bike parking, universal access, planting and landscape lighting. At key locations, custom benches made of stainless steel and concrete were specifically designed for the site, in order to provide visual interest and to hopefully encourage conversation and socialization amongst students and faculty.

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