Carson Isenor

Landscape Designer, BFA, MLA

Carson’s background experience in landscape construction allows him to conceptualize his designs at a sophisticated level, particularly strengthening his skills in detail design. His interest in ecological communities contributes to his exceptional planting knowledge and design. His prior work experience and built projects have created a strong foundation for Carson that helps expedite his overall project efficiency.

In 2018, Carson and his teammate’s project “Les hélicoptères,”  was selected as one of the seven winners for the 19th annual International Garden Festival – Jardins de Métis.  This kinetic project is displayed in Grand-Métis, Québec, where visitors are invited to submerge themselves into a field of suspended samaras for an enchanting experience. The installation hopes to engage others with the artificial maple seeds and revitalize the childhood memories of nature’s beauty and simplicity.

Carson has an Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University. He moved to Vancouver, BC in 2014 to explore the various landscapes the city has to offer to expand his knowledge in his field.

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